The range of models here are beautifully produced by master craftsmen Blejzyk from Poland. The wings are of magnificent quality and are produced from white foam/glass and poplar veneer. They feature strong, lightweight integrated spar systems and the control surfaces are supplied cut and pre-hinged with living glass hinges, giving you a quick and professional finish to your model. Even better news is that the hardwood leading edges are pre-formed and CNC sanded to profile which not only helps optimise aerodynamics but also helps reduce your build time as well. The fuselages are glass/epoxy composite mouldings, with local carbon reinforcement along the length of the boom and around the wing seats. They are particularly strong and light in weight and light years away from the heavy cheaply made eggshell type polyester lay-ups more common to models in this price range.

You will need certain degree of modelling skills and can look forward to a bit of balsa bashing drilling and covering to get it into the air. Whilst many will relish this increasingly rare opportunity to finish off such a stunning high performance kit their own way, we also offer a high quality professional building service for those short on time or inclination. When completed and finished to a high standard these models really can look amazing and can pass as a moulded model at first glance. All models can be converted to electric with a bit of ingenuity.